Total-Zymes® and Total-Biotics® Testimonials

Here are just a few of the Testimonials from Users of Total-Zymes® and Total-Biotics®

Joanie Shugar and Goldie
"I have a very allergic Labrador retriever. She just turned three years old. I had her skin tested and she is allergic to trees and some coastal shrubs. I give her allergy shots once a month. She was allergic to some ingredient which was in the prozyme I was using for her. I am on my second month of the Total-Zymes® and Total-Biotics ® and she has much better stools and no gas and her coat is softer. She is digesting her food better. It has helped reduce the inflammation in her paws. In the last six months I have tried only a few of the other enzymes on the market and none of them worked for her. I have a friend with an allergic dog and she is also using your products. The salmon oil is great also. Goldie is a registered therapy dog and visits nursing homes and children weekly, she is also a show dog in obedience going toward her AKC obedience titles. Dogs with allergies can be lethargic and she was. Her energy level is up and is back swimming and being a much happier dog. I love your products."
Georgia in LaVerne, CA
I have used Total-Zymes® and more recently Total-Biotics® for my Great Danes. I originally bought Total-Zymes® from you at the Orange Empire dog show several years ago. At the time, I had gotten one of my puppies back who had exocrine pancreatic insufficiency. The vet had prescribed a four enzyme Brand X (which didn't seem to be helping) This problem is not one common to Danes. In her case, bloody diarrhea immediately followed a combo vaccine and rabies vaccine given on the same day when she was four months old. Vaccine reaction was never considered. Flagyl was prescribed over and over to no avail. Then the Brand X digestive enzyme with only four enzymes. That’s when I got her back. I switched her to raw food once a day and prepared food with Total-Zymes® the other feeding. I'm not quite sure exactly how the Total-Zymes worked, I only know she flourished on them. I knew the Brand X digestive enzyme wasn’t doing anything. Attached is a photo of her Dam (on left) and littermates. All are Champions.

La Vern California
Sally Keenan w/ Dream Weaver Great Danes

I have an 8 month old Great Dane boy who has had loose, ploppy stools for 8 months – generally 6-8 a day, despite trying several different foods. He eats the same foods as my older girls and they have no problems. In desperation I decided to try some digestive enzymes. Well I ordered your product, he loves it and looks forward to getting it before each meal. ( I just dump it in his mouth. LOL) Now he has 2 nice firm stools a day so your stuff helped tremendously. Thanks!!!!!!

Sally Keenan
Dream Weaver Great Danes

In the two months of using this product, Wrecker has gained over 15pounds. He now looks like a show dog instead of a rescue dane.

Karen Dayberry in Peyton, Colorado
I have finally been able to put weight on my greyhound puppy using your products and reduce the gas he was producing.

His coat has improved as well.
Robert Agbay from Massachusetts

I’m writing this letter to explain to you about my German shepherd Zeus who is 14 months old, and to also let you know that as of April 1st. 2008 I purchased your product called Total-Biotics™. The reason is my dog Zeus has been diagnosed with allergies to certain ingredients in dog food, such as chicken, duck, potatoes, corn, and peas. Also allergies to grass, certain types of trees, as well as pollen and dust. Zeus was experiencing rashy red blotches on his belly and groin. Also scratching his ears causing redness and irritation along with scratches. He looked like he was really suffering. Please keep in mind that I had already invested serious amounts of cash in trying to remedy his condition. The only thing that I discovered was that the meds that he was receiving might have treated one problem, only to find that it was creating another internally. When I started your product Total-Biotics™ I noticed my dog went through some changes, which at first appeared to get worse. I am glad to say that I have been using probiotics for sixteen days and my dog’s rash has vanished. His ears are clear and normal in color. Skin color on his belly and abdomen as well. How I know that this product works is because I kept a strict diary on his progress and his changes from the start. I also started to use your product called Total-Zymes®. I have been using this product for only 3 days. I cannot believe how much he has improved in these areas. Please note that the vet wanted me to purchase a six month supply of shots to treat my dog. This would have cost me $245.00 every six months. Once again I would like to thank you for this wonderful product that you have invented. Also I do have some pictures before and after if you would like to have someone from your company contact me so I can share this positive information with others who may doubt this product.

Robert Agbay

Lynette Hirsch - Hirsch Bouviers
Total-Zymes ® has worked wonders on the allergies of two Bouviers. One that I own, and another one that I groom. "Handler" has not had to have any allergy meds since starting Total-Zymes ® last April. He used to chew knots in his coat daily because of his itching. The allergy testing I had done at the vets showed him to be allergic to several foods and grasses and pollens. Changing foods and putting him on allergy medication, twice a day lessoned his symptoms some...After one year I took him off all allergy meds at the same time I started him on Total-Zymes ®. It took about 3-4 weeks for all of his symptoms to vanish! He has gone through spring, summer, and fall, which were his worst times, with no itching or chewing himself. He will never be taken off this product! I have put all my dogs on Total-Zymes ®.

"Rerun" has been my grooming client since the age of 10 weeks. He started having allergies at the age of six years. He would get huge hot spots that the vet would shave and then send him home with oral antibiotics and topical medications. He had to come to me weekly for special medicated baths prescribed by the vet. We tried many different expensive shampoos and rinses. Sometimes he needed steroid shots. He went through skin allergy testing from one vet and blood test allergy testing from another vet.. He took three rounds of allergy antigen shots with no success.
Rerun was started on Total-Zymes ® in August, is no longer on allergy meds, and has no hot spots for the first time in two years. Unfortunately for me (the groomer) he no longer needs weekly special medicated baths. However, I'm thrilled that he is now comfortable. It took Rerun only one week on Total-Zymes ® for all his symptoms to disappear. To say the least, Reruns owner is thrilled with Total-Zymes ®!
S.C. of Anaheim CA
I am an AKC breeder and handler specializing in Beagles and French Bulldogs. I have had outstanding results using Total-Zymes ®. I own and have showed the #1 beagle in the United States (retired). He has really thrived on Total-Zymes ®. When doing a first breeding with champion beagles, you commonly will have litters born of two or three puppies per litter. All my dogs both males and females had Total-Zymes® added to there food. I found that the breeding took easier and the litters numbered five puppies instead of the normal two or three. The best part was that all the puppies were strong and healthy with birth weights within two ounces of each other with no fading puppies.
Susan M. Thompson, MI.
Your flyer came just in time! I am almost out of Total-Zymes®. I have to tell you that Total-Zymes® made a world of difference to both cats. I had noticed, especially the elderly one, Rascal, who reached 19 ½ yrs old …. He had cancer for almost 2 years, and I feel that Total-Zymes® helped extend his life. Before using Total-Zymes®, Rascals coat was poor. It got glossy and fuller after adding Total-Zymes to his food. His health seemed better. My other cat, Squeaky, improved as well. She is 7 now. I recently adopted a 9 yr old cat, Cheddar, who was really shedding and had a dull coat. He is shedding far less and has a shiny coat. I take enzymes myself and am pleased that there are some for my pets as well. Thank-You Susan M. Thompson
Linda Stein PhD. and her dog "Friend" Lakewood, CA
Friend, my service dog, was becoming so lethargic and weak I was unable to use her to help me any longer. It looked as though she would have to retire leaving me either to get a new service dog or to do without. I had taken her to the veterinarian but there didn't appear to be anything that she could do to help my "Friend" be stronger or healthier. I really was at my wit's end when I spoke to the people from Paul's Pet Food who recommended that I try Total-Zymes ®. The first month I really didn't notice a difference then, suddenly her energy returned and she became more agile and active. When I attached her working harness she appeared happy to work again and was able to help me walk. This product has added years to my Friend's life and has enabled me to keep her working. 
Marcie, a Sheltie, with Hemorrhagic Gastoenteritis

My sheltie, shepherd mix has been on this product for six months now. The Total-Zymes® and Total-Biotics® have completely changed her digestion, hair, nails, alertness as well as preventing episodes of Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis which she has every 3 months. We have not had Marcie into an emergency room in 6 months. This is truly a wonder drug for our dog. You can look into her eyes and tell she feels great and is ready for anything. I would recommend this to any dog that has food allergies as well as environmental allergies. Again I can't say enough to promote this product. I just wish I had found out about it a lot sooner so my babygirl would have felt better sooner. I would love to promote this product in our area. I know there are a tremendous amount of people that have suffered thru the same frustration as I.

I can't thank you enough!

Judy Sigmon

Marci w/ 15 year old cat

I will be a regular customer. Since the commercial pet food contamination episode last spring I have been home cooking for my 9 year old collie, 11 year old sheltie, and 15 year old cat. I was worried that the ingredients I use might not supply the necessary enzymes for their good health, and was delighted to find your product, Total-Zymes® Digestive Enzyme Powder. For the proof, my dogs had developed a nasty habit of eating pony poop some months ago, but since I've added the enzyme powder to their food, this has all but stopped. A sure sign that they needed enzymes and that your product is supplying them.

Also we have a 32 year old Shetland pony with Cushings disease who has been plagued by intestinal infections and the vet recommended that we give her probiotics, so I was happy to find that you also sell Total-Biotics®.