NWC Pet products Original Total-Digestion Twin Pack™


Our Best Seller: The Original Total-Digestion Twin Pack™
Pet probiotics1 Total-Zymes® and 1 Total-Biotics® treats 365 cups of pet food
Pet probioticsTotal-Zymes®: new and improved! Now with 16 digestive enzymes. 
Pet probioticsTotal-Biotics® utilizes now 14 live and stabilized probiotics available

1 Top Rated Probiotics and Enzymes

Vet Recommended and Approved

NWC Naturals.® Pet Products LLC the makers of Total-Biotics® delivers a convenient powder formula with a formidable 14 stabilized strains of probiotics! It's the perfect companion product to Total-Zymes® the digestive enzyme formula. Together they are the one-two punch for complete digestion and intestinal health for your pet.


Total-Biotics ® is a high performance, fourteen species live probiotic formula.

Pet probiotics New better than ever. More strains and More CFU'sNow with double the probiotics

Pet probiotics Boost the immune system

Pet probiotics Improve digestion, Control yeast overgrowth

Pet probiotics Remove toxins from the body

Pet probiotics Help manufacture B vitamins, controls constipation and diarrhea   

Pet probiotics Human grade ingredients but formulated just for pets

Pet probioticsTotal-Biotics®,  Utilizes Now !   14  of the most productive live and stabilized probiotics available.

Pet probioticsNow an average serving has. 2 Billion CFU's °

° Average serving is two scoops for two cups of food for an average pet.

LEADSVegerarian Approved

The L.E.A.D.S.® system (Live Enzyme Activated Delivery System®) optimizes our pro-biotics' effectiveness in your pet's digestive tract helping the pro-biotics implant and colonize.


Pet probiotics Now with 16 high performance plant based enzymes

Pet probiotics Digestive disorders, immune disorders

Pet probiotics Slow healing, excessive shedding, skin problems

Pet probiotics Joint difficulties, weight problems, makes smaller stools

Pet probiotics Support pets with allergies, itching and the painful stiff joints

A growing number of vets are stating that cooked or processed pet food is the main cause of illness and premature death in the modern house pet!

Animals are meant to eat a 100% raw diet... but is that practical? What is the answer for keeping your pet healthy with a modern pet diet?

The answer is...
Total-Zymes® Digestive Enzyme Formula

A high performance broad-spectrum digestive enzyme formula. Total-Zymes® is the most complete pet digestive enzyme product in the world, NOW utilizing 16 high performance vegetarian enzymes and our exclusive L.E.A.D.S.® Live Enzyme Activated Delivery System®. L.E.A.D.S.® insures complete digestion and assimilation of all your pet's food at a cellular level.

Digestive enzymes are very specific. They will only digest the exact food type for which they are named. As an example lipase will digest only lipids or fats as they are commonly called. Lipase will not do anything to digest protein or carbohydrates.

For complete digestion you must include all the different enzymes in a product to digest each type of food ingredient. A digestive product that contains only four, five or six enzymes will do a poor job digesting the complex ingredients of today's high quality pet food.

That's why we at NWC Naturals® Pet Products LLC formulated Total-Zymes® with a special blend of SIXTEEN powerful vegetarian enzymes to completely digest and deliver all the nutrients of today's modern pet diet, with just one scoop of Total-Zymes® per cup of any pet food. In addition we have added 120,000 FCCPU of bromelain from pineapple as a systemic enzyme. This will help support pets with allergies, itching and the painful stiff joints of older pets.

 Using Total-Zymes® on your pet's food is as close as you can get to the benefits of an all raw food diet. 

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