Anti Spas Formula, Helps Menstrual Cramps and IBS


90 vege capsules:

An internal muscular and colon-relaxing herbal combination, which contains 3 herbs that are well-known for their anti-spasmodic actions.

The key ingredient is Cramp Bark, but all 3 herbal ingredients have their specific uses in bringing about relief from muscle cramp:

  • Cramp Bark relaxes both smooth and striated muscle
  • Valerian acts upon the central nervous system as a natural relaxant and sedative
  • and Wild Yam is a smooth muscle relaxant.

This formula is the opposite of our very strong laxative formulations, as it calms the bowel.

Beneficial for:

  • colon wall spasm (in spastic or nervous colon)
  • nervous or hypertonic constipation
  • ribbon stools or faecal pellets
  • muscular cramp
  • reducing spasm and mild pain during menstrual cramp.

90 vegetable cellulose capsules per pot

Valerian - 170mg
Cramp bark - 117mg
Wild yam - 117mg
Vegetable cellulose capsule - 90mg

  • Contains no: excipients, gluten, wheat, lactose, added sugar, additives, artificial colourings or yeast.
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

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