NWC Pet products Total-Zymes® Plus - For Larger Pets 100 tablets


All the benefits of Enzymes and ProBiotics in a delicious and convenient, treat-form tablet!

Total-Zymes® PLUS is a full strength combination of 16 plant based digestive and systemic enzymes

With 14 ProBiotics and with Pre-Biotics in a tasty chewable tablet

Total-Zymes® PLUS is formulated with 16 vegetarian enzymes and 14 species of ProBiotics plus Pre-Biotics. Each tablet supplies 625 million CFUs of those 14 different species of live ProBiotics.

Animals are meant to eat a 100% raw diet... but is that practical?

What is the answer for keeping your pet healthy with a modern pet diet? The answer is; Total-Zymes® PLUS

For complete digestion you must include all the different enzymes in a product to digest each type of food ingredient. A digestive product that contains only four, five or six enzymes will do a poor job digesting the complex ingredients of today's high quality pet food.

Using Total-Zymes® PLUS on your pet's food is as close to the benefits of an all raw food diet as you can get.

 Not all probiotics are alike. Many cheap probiotics are unstable and lose their beneficial properties in the stomach before the probiotics can reach the intestine. Some companies put probiotics in there product that do not implant. We are the experts in this field. The formulator of this product wrote the book "The Wonder of Probiotics".

So use the tab with the power of enzymes and probiotics all in one!


The Live Enzyme Activated Delivery System ® (L.E.A.D.S.®) insures assimilation at a cellular level. This particular combination of mineral cofactors helps to activate each individual enzyme for maximum particle digestion and complete nutrient distribution throughout the body. It increases the formula's bioavailability. It also optimizes our probiotics' effectiveness in your pet's digestive tract helping the probiotics implant and colonize. Made and bottled in the USA,

Using Total-Zymes® PLUS on your pet's food is as close as you can get to the benefits of an all raw food diet.

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