How To Eat Right And Lose Weight

How To Eat Right And Lose Weight

Most people think the less they eat the better off they are and the faster those pounds will fall off. This is not correct. The truth is the less we eat, the hungrier we get and the faster you deter from your diet. You are meant to eat when hungry therefore no motivation will keep you from eating once you hit a certain breaking point. Generally, eating binges follow your low calorie diet as you just feel starved and need to satisfy an urge.

Hunger is mainly caused by skipping meals. Eating regularly during the day can be very helpful. You want to eat a minimum of 1200 calories. If you exercise you will want to add to this minimum. Your body will burn calories faster and more efficient when it feels that food will be supplied when needed. It also helps keep a steady blood sugar which will help you tremendously when wanting to overeat.

Everyone feels hungrier on some days rather than others. When you feel this way, don't hesitate to eat. Yes it may cause your weight loss to go a little slower but who cares. Taking a few more days to lose weight is okay. Those who don't eat enough get hungry and depressed and this causes a large problem because you may start bingeing and quit your diet.

To gain one pound of fat, you need to eat 3500 calories or more of food. Therefore, overeating or not eating healthy foods is not as damaging as many may think. The big damage is quitting and giving up afterwards. So how do we solve this? Remember that you aren't going to be perfect and no one is perfect. You are okay to make mistakes and dieting will become easier and less stressful. Planning your meals and snack times around times you normally eat can be very beneficial. If around 4 p.m., you give in to your urge to eat something unhealthy or find a quick snack, then plan to have a snack and a glass of water around 3:30 p.m. 

Make sure that you are stocked with snacks and drinks that are low in calories such as celery and apples. Drink plenty of water.

Cut your calories a little at a time as you are trying to lose weight. You may be inclined to cut your calories by a big number when trying to lose weight fast, however this will actually slow down your metabolism and cause you to feel hungry all of the time.

Eat several small snacks a day. This will help curve your hunger such as salad, broccoli and generally most vegetables.

You will stick to the plan better if you don't let yourself get hungry. If you follow the aforementioned ideas, you will find it easier to avoid getting hungry while you lose weight.