Is weight loss making you sick?

Is weight loss making you sick?

Hands up, who’s ever made a new year’s resolution to “get fit this year”, “lose weight this year”, “live a healthier lifestyle this year” and no sooner is it the 15th January but we’re back in the old routine and forget all about it? (My hand was up too by the way!)...

In the blink of an eye it’s now June, half the year has nearly passed and the sun is out shining. Regret kicks in that our ‘beach body’ hasn’t quite materialised and we haven’t shifted the extra pounds we gained at Christmas (or the ones added since). It’s typically at this point that people hit the ‘quick fix’ mode of finding a fad diet or paying for an expensive gym membership that might never be used!

We spoke to Bev Denton, Managing Director of Lindens Health & Nutrition to see if there’s another way.

“We founded Lindens in 2007, with a focus on being a UK manufacturer supplying health and nutrition supplements that would help our customers feel great and live life to the full everyday. We utilise all of our experience to deliver a diverse range of supplements in order to enhance customer wellness and make our customers feel good.

Every year we see a general trend of customers enquiring how to lose the weight they have gained over Winter to get ‘beach ready’. It’s normally after a hot bank holiday weekend when people have felt the need to cover up, instead of flashing the flesh in the warm sun!

Whilst some of the issues can come from comfort eating over the winter months, or not wanting to go out and exercise when it’s cold and dark at night it can also be directly linked to your time of life. A lot of our customers are starting to see their metabolism slow as the body prepares to cushion bones in case of osteoporosis, very typical in menopausal women.”

So what can be done?

“To lose weight you need a controlled calorie deficit, which is simple enough. However, a common problem is that simply reducing your calories can leave you short on fibre, and inadequate fibre intake often results in feeling hunger. Hunger results in poor concentration at work, so you ‘snack’ and ruin the overall calorie deficit. Glucomannan from konjac root, is a beneficial soluble fibre that can help to improve bowel health and blood sugars. When taken with water it can expand in the stomach making you feel fuller - thus improving satiety and therefore lowering your appetite.

For other clients its not general hunger that’s the problem, but the craving for sugar. Taking an Apple Cider Slim product helps to boost metabolism, whilst helping to reduce sugar cravings. It can also suppress an appetite and help to burn fat.

Both of these products, via Authentic Vitamins, have EFSA claims and are safe traditional solutions.”

Apple Cider Slim HERE

Glucomannan from konjac root HERE

Stay safe and thanks for taking the time to read our blog.